Touch of Madness Cards

cover artNext time you run a LARP that involves sanity, don't give your players the boring old, "You take a sanity hit." Give your players a Touch of Madness. Each card has a specific symptom/condition for your players to act out. The results add realism and unpredictable fun to your game!

The deck has 3 color-coded levels of madness, and has an open design to be easily adapted to any LARP. Instructions are included. Make the next game you run completely MAD.

Touch of Madness gives you:

mild madness back25 Mild Madness Cards

moderate madness back19 Moderate Madness Cards
severe madness back8 Severe Madness Cards


You too can have Touch of Madness Cards for your next LARP or RPG for only $10.00!

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