The Green Fairy

The Lurkers in the Valley August 2011 GenCon game, the September 2011 ISUCon game and the October 2010 private event was"The Green Fairy" by Robert "Mac" McLaughlin and the Skirmisher Game Development Group. Check out our photo galleries for pictures from each of these events.

green fairyPlayer's Introduction

The 1898 Montmartre district of Paris, France is a haven for artists, writers, actors, and musicians of the bohemian movement. It is a crowded, lively hotbed of unbridled creativity and passion, no stranger to countless human vices and amusements.

One of the more notorious bars in the Montmartre district is "The Green Fairy." It is owned and operated by Jules Duvernois and conveniently situated between cabarets, artist communes and a large immigrant community. The Green Fairy caters to the needs of bohemian revolutionaries, criminals, and the morbidly curious seeking oblivion or inspiration in alcohol, absinthe, drugs, and sex.

A grim specter haunts the district, oozing an undercurrent of terror beneath the music and revelry. Blood flows through the gutters and cobblestones from a series of gruesome murders ripping through the belly of Montmartre. There have been seven known murders during the last three months; most of the victims were talented and aspiring artists. The press has named the killer "the Raptor," as he strikes without warning, rends his victims apart, and disappears again into thin air as if some great bird of prey.

The police have no solid leads but dozens of theories. Some victims were known to have money problems and debt with the local underworld. A number of them were talented but undiscovered artists whose works now command outrageous prices in the most exquisite galleries of Paris. Affluent but unscrupulous dealers are now investing in other bohemian artists, speculating on which of them may become the next victim of the Raptor.

There are also those who point fingers at the immigrant communities: the Orientals, the North Africans, and the Gypsies. They whisper of territorial battles or heathen, foreign rites. A few have speculated that perhaps London's famous Ripper, or an ambitious ighostmitator, is actively slaying ten years after the Whitechapel murders. Even more theories can be found, but no solid thread connects all the victims save their presence in Montmartre and the grisly manner of their deaths.

Many details of the murders have been kept out of the media, but it is known that all the victims were savagely torn apart. The wounds were not clean cuts from a blade, but ripped through skin and flesh as if from claws or hooks. Some pieces of the bodies were missing. Other details have been carefully kept from the public but every other person has his own "source" for murder details, each one more outrageous than the next.

But even the fear of the Raptor cannot crush the spirit, creative energy and the libertine revelry of Montmartre. Tonight, just like every night, The Green Fairy is full of patrons seeking inspiration, pleasure, oblivion or whatever questionable purposes draw them to this establishment.




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