ArcanumArcanum Imperii - Gencon 2013

One of the Lurkers in the Valley 2013 Gencon events and our November 2013 private event was "Arcanum Imperii" by Robert "Mac" McLaughlin and the Skirmisher Game Development Group.  It was held at Gencon on Saturday, August 17, 2013 and on November 2, 2013 for the private Terre Haute event.  Check out our photo galleries for pictures from each of these events.



Player's Introduction

After the death of Julius Caesar, the Roman Republic fell briefly under the leadership of three noble Romans known as the Second Triumvirate. Marc Antony was cousin, friend, and military commander to Julius Caesar. Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus, or Octavian, was the great-nephew and later the adopted son of Caesar. Marcus Aemilius Lepidus was a patrician and faithful supporter of Caesar. Together, the three ruled the republic for a decade before individual ambitions tore the triumvirate apart.

Octavian forced Lepidus from power and sent him into exile. He then turned his attentions to Marc Antony, who had consolidated his power in the east with the assistance of the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra and distanced himself from the politics of Rome. Octavian turned public opinion against Marc Antony and his foreign queen and induced the Senate to declare him an enemy of Rome. War was declared. Octavian summoned his legions and raised more than 200,000 troops. Marc Antony and Cleopatra assembled an equal force of mixed heavy Roman and light Egyptian infantry.

Marc Antony, however, was betrayed by General Quintus Dellius, who defected to Octavian with his former master’s battle plans. Marcus Agrippa, commander of Octavian’s fleet, encircled Marc Antony’s forces and destroyed them at sea in the straits of Actium. Separated from their Roman allies, Cleopatra’s fleet fled without entering the battle. Marc Antony barely escaped with his life and fled to Alexandria.

Up to this point, Governor Publius Artorius Stabo has managed to keep his political distance in the conflict, biding his time to see which commander will emerge triumphant. But his hand has now been forced. A ragged band of survivors from the battle of Actium landed on the Macedonian coast near his palace. They seek his audience, asking for assistance for safe passage and a military escort to take them safely back to Alexandria. They claim that they carry with them the secret of a great weapon that will ensure Marc Antony’s victory if they can be reunited with his surviving army.

Publius Stabo is in a quandary. He was about to throw in his lot with Octavian after the defeat of Marc Antony at Actium, but what if Marc Antony and his Egyptian allies truly do have some sort of secret weapon? Do they truly have something that could crush Octavian’s forces outside the gates of Alexandria or take the fight back to the heart of Rome itself? Stabo hoped to keep the matter quiet until he had personally met with the survivors of the battle and made a decision. Word has spread quickly through his court about their presence, however, and all the local Roman and Macedonian nobles demand an audience to argue their case for Octavian or Marc Antony.




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